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My Impact and What Clients Say:  Recent Examples

Strategic Planning and Building Leadership Skills: During the height of the COVID lock downs, I supported a multi-service NGO serving indigenous Maya communities in the Guatemalan Highlands to develop its first outcomes-anchored strategic plan. All work conducted via ZOOM with staff who had no video-conferencing experience and intermittent internet access.  50% coaching, 50% consulting

Coaching Executive Directors: I conducted weekly coaching sessions to develop leadership and management skills for a young ED at growing mid-size policy and advocacy nonprofit. I advised the ED around developing a new organizational structure with more capacity to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Together, we  strengthened his own management practices and provided guidance on staff transitions to the new structure. 75% coaching, 25% consulting


Supporting Organizational Transition:  During an organization merger,  I supported the ED to set weekly  priorities, develop strategies to maintain staff morale and build relationships with new peers and supervisors. I provided a relief valve and emotional support through the stress. As a consultant, I also served as an air traffic controller for the myriad of merger tasks from payroll systems to program materials.  50% coaching, 50% consulting

Leadership Coaching for Mid-Career Professionals: I coached a director at a professional services firm to increase  her internal and field-level leadership. I helped her develop habits to prioritize tasks and delegate responsibilities to free time for writing thought pieces.  Together, we created activities to increase her reputation as a thought leader in her field.  I then tapped my extensive professional network to broker connections. 75% coaching, 25% consulting.

Board Retreat Design and Facilitation. My meeting plan supported the organization to pivot from prioritizing donor needs to listening to community priorities. Activities increased trust and created shared-working agreements between board members and ED. We concluded with a culturally-resonant visioning exercise.  Board members and the mostly indigenous staff worked in mixed team to create murals depicting their future vision for the community.  The activity created a shared experience that  minimized language differences.  75% consulting  25% coaching.

What Clients Say About Working with Me


Kendall’s magic is her ability to zoom out and help me see the bigger picture. She sees deeply and draws the best out of me.  Her challenges are transformative.  At first, Kendall’s challenges encouraged me try something different, but after a few months, her challenges made me braver and more confident! I found myself less timid about taking a risk or giving something a try.”

--Anne C. Hayes, Executive Director of Global & Interdisciplinary Programs, Bennett College


"Kendall moves fluidly between coaching and consulting, reading our needs in the moment. She had a sense when to make us do the work ourselves, by asking good questions, versus when to offer her expertise.  Under the stress and restrictions of the Coronavirus pandemic, Kendall expertly guided our organization through an intense strategic planning process. She tapped both her technical expertise and facilitation skills to navigate and adapt in real time.

--Erin Mooney and Ellie Wason,  Mayan Families

“Her holistic approach is supportive and directive, offering tools and activities that are designed to promote reflection and action. Even months after our work together ended, I am using what I learned and feel more empowered to reach my goals.”

--Julie Slay, Associate Managing Director, Evaluation, Arabella Advisors

When I was navigating a difficult career transition, Kendall helped me prioritize, plan, and remain focused. At the same time, she really tried to get to know me, and asked meaningful questions that helped me get beneath the surface. This helped me identify what is really important to me, which is still. I highly recommend working with Kendall. She's an incredibly positive and supportive thought-partner who will help you help yourself the best way!

--Prerna Sekhri, Biotech professional

"Kendall gently but firmly nudged me out of my comfort zone when I needed it through creative exercises that helped me see things from a new perspective and gain powerful insights. In my experience, Kendall brings experience, wisdom, creativity, flexibility, and heart to her coaching practice."

--Diane Paulsell,  Senior Evaluation Director in a Private Firm

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