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Typical Engagements: Key guidance for key roles

1. Executive Directors and CEOs: An organization’s top leader is basically in charge of everything but has no peer to talk to. This can lead to high burn out. I can provide:

  • Support on how to manage time and counter workplace fatigue

  • Direction on how to build funder relationships

  • Thought partnership on managing board relationships

  • Skills to develop a learning culture

  • Tools to create and implement strategic plans

  • Instructions on how to foster clear communication

  • Skills on how to manage multiple personality types

  • Advice on how to handle budget cuts and staff layoffs

2. Nonprofit Staff In New Roles: Assuming a new role, in a new organization or within a current organization, requires intentional growth. I can offer:

  • Direction on how to leverage current strengths for new goals

  • Tools to help implement effective meeting design

  • Advice on how to prioritize responsibilities

  • Keys to help build and manage relationships 

  • Guidance on how to manage change and uncertainty

3. Learning & Evaluation Professionals and Applied Researchers:  Staff members in these roles are often expected to transform organizational culture but given little authority to achieve this goal. The positions are often new or not well-defined.  My coaching support can offer: 

  • Guidance on how to explain your role’s value to whole organization 

  • Ways to build trust with staff

  • Advice on how to manage funders and clients

  • Skills on how to draft project/team/organizational outcomes

  • Instruction on how to improve facilitation skills

4. During a career shift: Sometimes a person decides to leave because they’ve outgrown a current position. Other times, a leader must tell a valued colleague they need to leave, due to a reorganization.  An outside perspective can help smooth that transition. My coaching can provide: 

  • Conducting a “strengths assessment”

  • Create short-term and long-term goals

  • Developing a strategic transition plan. 

  • Motivation to action and emotional support during the transition

  • Feedback to help prepare for upcoming interviews

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