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What Clients Say About Working with Me

"Kendall’s support and skilled facilitation was critical to completing our organization’s first strategic planning process. Kendall moves fluidly between coaching and consulting, reading our needs in the moment.  She had a sense when to make us do the work ourselves, by asking good questions, versus when to offer her expertise”

Our process was extra challenging because we did it during the COVID crisis and in Spanish over Zoom  -- in a region of Guatemala with unreliable internet access. The process included the heavy lift of making painful cuts to our staff and budget. She provided decision-tools and helped us create a process that lifted up the voices of our indigenous organizational leaders.  Her coaching built all of our capacity to make difficult decisions now and in the future in a fair, transparent, and collaborative way. The finished product of our Strategic Plan is inspiring, even with the uncertainty of COVID It will guide us forward to a more impactful future as an organization.”

--Erin Mooney, Executive Director, Mayan Families

“As a mid-career professional with many competing priorities, Kendall was able to quickly and adeptly identify opportunities to grow as a professional in my field, as a supervisor, colleague and at home. Her holistic approach is supportive and directive, offering tools and activities that are designed to promote reflection and action. Even months after our work together ended, I am using what I learned and feel more empowered to reach my goals.”

--Julie Slay, Associate Managing Director, Evaluation, Arabella Advisors

“Under the stress and restrictions of the Coronovirus pandemic, Kendall expertly guided our organization through an intense strategic planning process.  She tapped both her technical expertise and facilitation skills to navigate and adapt in real time. The coaching and the tools she provided grew our own leadership skills.”  

--Ellie Wason, Director of Operations, Mayan Families

“I found Kendall’s insightful probing useful in uncovering new ways I could be more strategic in my work. Talking with Kendall was like having an ace in my back pocket; she gave me confidence I needed to take intentionally bold steps in my career. “ 

---Mid-Career Evaluation Director in a Corporate Foundation, just starting a new role

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