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What's the difference between a coach and a consultant?

I can fluidly move between three roles:  Coach, Consultant and Connector.

A Consultant brings expertise, provides answers and often does the work for the client. 


A Coach prioritizes growing the client’s skills to develop their own solutions. Coaching creates space for people to identify conditions and behaviors that impede their success, change conditions and develop new habits.


A Connector is like a personal concierge, who can both asses your needs and introduce you to  the people, ideas and tools that meet them.

I’ll always lead with coaching.  But you can always ask me to put on my consultant hat whenever it feels helpful.  For example, you might say, “I understand how I want my leadership to show up at this meeting.  Could you be my consultant for a minute?  Based on your experience, what are group engagement activities that might work well for this type of meeting.”

For a more detailed explanation of the difference between a consultant and a coach, see this helpful table from 501 commons.

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