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What is Unique About Me

  • I am a strategist, innovator, team leader, social scientist and consultant who deeply understands dynamics of nonprofit sector and trends in philanthropy.

  • I’ve worn the hat of a funder, grantee, board member, management consultant and program evaluator. I’ve worked in both large and small organizations.  Since I’ve played many roles, I understand all the angles.

  • I think about issues holistically, placing a client or organization in larger context.

  • Blends coaching skills with significant technical expertise and field experience​.

  • Excels in complex & ambiguous environments, such as organizational pivots, starting-from-scratch-initiatives, and emerging issue areas.

  • Strategic, big-picture thinker.  I can think three steps ahead and quickly distilling the essence of  situations.

  • Provides tools and templates that you can use after our engagement, as for personal growth (priority setting, values exploration) and organizational effectiveness .(developing decision-criteria, effective meeting design)

  • Experienced supporting white people to start their diversity, equity and inclusion work. (Read more about my personal story here.)

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