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Targeting DEI Efforts Where they Are Likely to Stick

Four work areas where #diversity efforts are more likely to stick, because they can show impact quickly. 1) Launching a new product; 2) Troubleshooting existing product or process 3) Planning for the future; 4) Responding to crises.

Why? Diverse teams are more effective at Road Testing ideas, according to this Psychology Today article.

They are "particularly good at exposing and correcting faulty thinking, generating fresh and novel ideas, and accounting for a wider array of variables in planning....Diverse teams compel each other to think more deeply about their reasoning and interrogate the facts more objectively. They share counterfactuals as they go, they don’t take things for granted, and there is minimal "social loafing —of just accepting things at face value.”

I often tell clients that social science EVIDENCE has found that diverse teams are more effective. This article shares that data.

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